We work with adults and older adolescents looking to heal from disordered eating, trauma, anxiety, and to deepen their relationship with themselves and others so they can have the lives they desire.

Once you make the decision to seek therapy, finding a therapist that really "gets" you and with whom you feel comfortable is an essential part of your treatment. Kindful Body can meet you online or in-person.


Video Counseling

If you're juggling multiple demands between work and family, online counseling could make it easier to fit self-care and personal growth into your schedule.


In-Person Therapy

Prefer to meet your therapist in-person, Kindful Body can do that too!
We have an office in San Carlos.


Working together either online or in-person, your therapist and you can begin a process that can deepen and enrich your life, your relationships with others, and (more importantly) with yourself... no matter where in California you're located.


Team Clear Space

Reclaim Self-Care, Self-Acceptance,
Self-Confidence, and Self-Love

Contact Kindful Body today if you are ready to start working towards the life you long to be living.